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 The Salmon Restoration Association exists for one reason: To take positive, measurable action to restore the natural wild salmon runs to rivers of Northern California. Our primary concern at this time is the renovation of local streams to their natural health condition.

Projects on the Noyo and Big Rivers are our main focus. We also educate the public about salmon population issues, both in streams and the ocean.

The association is a non-profit organization located in Fort Bragg, California and our primary funding comes from our annual event; The Worlds Largest Salmon Barbeque.

The BBQ is part of California's history, Representative Mike Thompson of the 3rd district, has filed The Salmon Restoration Association's "Worlds Largest Salmon Barbeque" as a Local Legacy project with the Library of Congress.


Kass Creek Project, check for $30,000 to Trout Unlimited


Kass Creek is in the Noyo River Watersheld, see projects.

Contract Information


Michael Miller, Executive Director

P.O. Box 1448, Ft. Bragg, CA 95437

Information about the July 2, 2016
World's Largest Salmon BBQ is available
at  mendocoho@gmail.com or
see BBQ page


 Our Salmon Film Festival is available to viewers on line at http://salmonfilmfestival.wordpress.com 

2015 Salmon Run and Walk information is available at


Salmon going home to Big River, Mendocino, Ca.

by Joe Janisch

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